This site is devoted to my family as it connects in every direction--up, down, and sideways. One of the beauties of this program is that it can handle an almost limitless number of people. And so it goes. I have been working on my genealogy for over fifty years. I started with paper and pencil for a fifth grade family tree assignment. I spoke to all my close relatives and began writing to distant cousins. Over the years, I went through about five family tree computer programs which became progressively more detailed and complex. But they were always on my computer and subject to computer failures and loss. Then there was the option to have a static tree on the internet. I skipped that style of record keeping. Finally, the clouds floated into my genealogical life. Now, my work is on its own website in the clouds instead of on my computer. I make all my additions, corrections, and updates directly to the site, and the information is immediately available to all. Even better, there is room for my photos and documentation. I have chosen to have all the site open to the internet except for names and information about living people. Most of my information is solid until I get to the upper edges of the lines. I have a lot more information and documentation to add. I am always open to more and better information and documentation from any researchers. Do feel free to contact me.

Feature Articles

feature 1 2013 Dent Centennial Family Reunion The 2013 Dent Centennial Family Reunion was fabulous. Many thanks to cousin Kelly Dent and all the rest who organized it.

feature 2 DNA Research We now have the results from a 67 marker DNA test from our oldest participating Lanham male. The test results have been added to the Lanham study group at Family Tree DNA. The results show that we are among the expected subgroup of the Lanham family but we have no new connections so far. We all await more Lanham males to add their DNA tests to the group to expand its range. My parents and I are now part of the Family Finder project on Family Tree DNA. I now have over 1500 autosomal matches.

feature 3 FindAGrave FindAGrave.com is one of my favorite sites. Although it is now owned by Ancestry, it is still free. I have been a contributor to it for over 16 years. I have added almost 1000 memorials to its current total of over 190 million. Most of the graves on this site are also on FindAGrave.

feature 4 Lineage Societies Currently, I am a member of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution,The Colonial Dames of America, the United Daughters of the Confederacy, the Jamestowne Society, the Dames of the Court of Honor, the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, and the National Society of the Sons & Daughters of the Pilgrims. Joining the lineage societies is a fine way to memorialize our ancestors with our research and documentation.

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