Crawford County, Georgia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Rebecca  Crawford County, Georgia I4406 Root Tree 
2 Britt, Iola Isabelle  28 Apr 1876Crawford County, Georgia I4207 Root Tree 
3 Dent, Almira Elizabeth  @1888Crawford County, Georgia I2686 Root Tree 
4 Dent, Bolivar Cleveland  25 Jan 1884Crawford County, Georgia I4226 Root Tree 
5 Dent, Cynthia Ida Blanche  23 Nov 1863Crawford County, Georgia I1468 Root Tree 
6 Dent, Edgar Eugene  17 Aug 1853Crawford County, Georgia I1458 Root Tree 
7 Dent, Elizabeth Camilla  13 Dec 1857Crawford County, Georgia I1460 Root Tree 
8 Dent, Elizabeth L  2 Dec 1886Crawford County, Georgia I4227 Root Tree 
9 Dent, Epsie Corene  29 Oct 1875Crawford County, Georgia I4222 Root Tree 
10 Dent, Hoy  9 May 1880Crawford County, Georgia I1865 Root Tree 
11 Dent, James Linton  2 Jun 1872Crawford County, Georgia I4206 Root Tree 
12 Dent, John Washington  24 Feb 1866Crawford County, Georgia I1859 Root Tree 
13 Dent, Josephine Catherine  1855Crawford County, Georgia I1459 Root Tree 
14 Dent, Mary Elizabeth  19 Oct 1843Crawford County, Georgia I1455 Root Tree 
15 Dent, Noma Lucile  14 Jun 1890Crawford County, Georgia I2687 Root Tree 
16 Dent, Sidney Washington Senior  23 Feb 1851Crawford County, Georgia I1457 Root Tree 
17 Dent, Sophronia Elizabeth  25 Sep1872Crawford County, Georgia I1862 Root Tree 
18 Dent, Varrie Pearl  1877Crawford County, Georgia I1864 Root Tree 
19 Dent, Wesley Hoy  17 Feb 1849Crawford County, Georgia I1456 Root Tree 
20 Dent, William Cleveland  11 Aug 1883Crawford County, Georgia I1866 Root Tree 
21 Harrison, Albyn Lampkin  1896Crawford County, Georgia I1939 Root Tree 
22 Harrison, John Lampkin  2 Mar 1848Crawford County, Georgia I1931 Root Tree 
23 Harrison, John Weathersbee  1884Crawford County, Georgia I1936 Root Tree 
24 Harrison, William Terrell Hoy  1887Crawford County, Georgia I1937 Root Tree 
25 McElmurray, John Richard  20 May 1874Crawford County, Georgia I4318 Root Tree 
26 McGee, John Wilson Senior  22 Dec 1856Crawford County, Georgia I1469 Root Tree 
27 Worsham, Pamelia Almira  4 Apr 1859Crawford County, Georgia I1477 Root Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Culverhouse, Robert Pharis Hall Junior  24 May 1949Crawford County, Georgia I4295 Root Tree 
2 Davis, Mary Jane  24 Feb 1887Crawford County, Georgia I1467 Root Tree 
3 Dent, Cynthia Ida Blanche  27 May 1948Crawford County, Georgia I1468 Root Tree 
4 Dent, Elizabeth Camilla  26 Dec 1947Crawford County, Georgia I1460 Root Tree 
5 Dent, John Washington  03 Mar 1880Crawford County, Georgia I168 Root Tree 
6 Dent, John Washington  28 Jun 1914Crawford County, Georgia I1859 Root Tree 
7 Dent, Josephine Catherine  1882Crawford County, Georgia I1459 Root Tree 
8 Dent, Mary Elizabeth  2 Jul 1848Crawford County, Georgia I1455 Root Tree 
9 Dent, Sidney Washington Senior  26 Feb 1898Crawford County, Georgia I1457 Root Tree 
10 Dent, Sophronia Elizabeth  16 Jul 1895Crawford County, Georgia I1862 Root Tree 
11 Dent, Varrie Pearl  Mar 1887Crawford County, Georgia I1864 Root Tree 
12 Dent, William Cleveland  1884Crawford County, Georgia I1866 Root Tree 
13 Dixon, Anna Elizabeth  04 Aug 1910Crawford County, Georgia I1846 Root Tree 
14 Hoy, Elizabeth  14 Mar 1859Crawford County, Georgia I176 Root Tree 
15 Jenkins, Jane  28 Dec 1890Crawford County, Georgia I1465 Root Tree 
16 Zeigler, Catherine  03 Jun 1834Crawford County, Georgia I53 Root Tree 
17 Zeigler, William  11 Jun 1855Crawford County, Georgia I54 Root Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    WILL    Person ID   Tree 
1 Zeigler, William  29 Jan 1855Crawford County, Georgia I54 Root Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Dent / Britt  1 May 1894Crawford County, Georgia F1474 Root Tree 
2 Dent / Dennis  18 Apr 1912Crawford County, Georgia F637 Root Tree 
3 Dent / Dixon  15 Dec 1887Crawford County, Georgia F622 Root Tree 
4 Dent / Hamlin  18 Dec 1909Crawford County, Georgia F1494 Root Tree 
5 Dent / Jenkins  15 Nov 1859Crawford County, Georgia F505 Root Tree 
6 Dent / Miller  25 Feb 1892Crawford County, Georgia F1536 Root Tree 
7 Fountain / Dent  26 Dec 1909Crawford County, Georgia F1499 Root Tree 
8 Harrison / Dent  11 Nov 1874Crawford County, Georgia F652 Root Tree 
9 Holton / Dixon  2 Nov 1876Crawford County, Georgia F1476 Root Tree 
10 Mann / Culverhouse  7 Aug 1949Crawford County, Georgia F1504 Root Tree 
11 McElmurray / Dent  11 Nov 1896Crawford County, Georgia F1509 Root Tree 
12 White / Miller  20 Dec 1904Crawford County, Georgia F1538 Root Tree