Denton County, Texas



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cantrell, Davette Etter  18 Apr 1882Denton County, Texas I1000 Root Tree 
2 Cantrell, Perry Green Junior  16 Mar 1880Denton County, Texas I999 Root Tree 
3 Crowder, Annie Mae  29 Nov 1890Denton County, Texas I3006 Root Tree 
4 Elrod, Leona E  15 Dec 1876Denton County, Texas I3619 Root Tree 
5 Farris, Charlie  15 Dec 1891Denton County, Texas I1330 Root Tree 
6 Farris, Mary Amanda  12 Mar 1889Denton County, Texas I1329 Root Tree 
7 Holcomb, Ada Frances  21 Mar 1885Denton County, Texas I1532 Root Tree 
8 Holcomb, Louis Franklin Junior  11 Nov 1882Denton County, Texas I1531 Root Tree 
9 James, Fred  23 Feb 1878Denton County, Texas I105 Root Tree 
10 James, Lemuel Ed  @1874Denton County, Texas I101 Root Tree 
11 James, Ophelia  02 Nov 1883Denton County, Texas I985 Root Tree 
12 James, Owassia Grace  15 Feb 1881Denton County, Texas I984 Root Tree 
13 Lanham, Barney M  10 Dec 1894Denton County, Texas I1513 Root Tree 
14 Lanham, Elmore J  06 Dec 1890Denton County, Texas I1516 Root Tree 
15 Lanham, Perry Green  03 Jun 1897Denton County, Texas I1514 Root Tree 
16 Lanham, Rae  17 Jan 1898Denton County, Texas I32 Root Tree 
17 Lanham, Richard Foster Senior  25 Nov 1900Denton County, Texas I33 Root Tree 
18 Wilson, Ida Mae  21 May 1894Denton County, Texas I1074 Root Tree 
19 Wilson, Jack MacKinzie  22 Nov 1896Denton County, Texas I1076 Root Tree 
20 Wilson, Stillborn  07 Jan 1893Denton County, Texas I1075 Root Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cantrell, Laura Bell  29 Jul 1954Denton County, Texas I998 Root Tree 
2 Cantrell, William C  11 Aug 1876Denton County, Texas I1032 Root Tree 
3 Ellis, Gladys Elizabeth  21 Apr 2005Denton County, Texas I2701 Root Tree 
4 Farris, Charlie  2 Nov 1971Denton County, Texas I1330 Root Tree 
5 James, Amanda Christine  16 Nov 1908Denton County, Texas I27 Root Tree 
6 King, R L  12 Jun 1980Denton County, Texas I1081 Root Tree 
7 Pearson, Libby Louise  7 Apr 1979Denton County, Texas I2353 Root Tree 
8 Wilson, Stillborn  07 Jan 1893Denton County, Texas I1075 Root Tree 


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Elrod / Bounds  31 Jul 1888Denton County, Texas F367 Root Tree 
2 Farris / Lanham  03 Nov 1881Denton County, Texas F318 Root Tree 
3 Foster / Burk  27 Aug 1898Denton County, Texas F1719 Root Tree 
4 Holcomb / Lanham  14 Apr 1887Denton County, Texas F320 Root Tree 
5 Lanham / Duncan  16 Jun 1889Denton County, Texas F317 Root Tree 
6 McReynolds / Cantrell  22 Aug 1895Denton County, Texas F378 Root Tree 
7 Staats / Lanham  11 Jan 1890Denton County, Texas F316 Root Tree