Knox County, Tennessee



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Gibbs, Mary Ann  16 May 1798Knox County, Tennessee I5760 Root Tree 
2 Graves, Isabella Malvina  20 Aug 1849Knox County, Tennessee I4189 Root Tree 
3 Graves, Jason Perrin  11 Dec 1846Knox County, Tennessee I4188 Root Tree 
4 Graves, Jefferson Monroe  16 Nov 1817Knox County, Tennessee I478 Root Tree 
5 Graves, Susan E  20 Jul 1842Knox County, Tennessee I88 Root Tree 
6 Graves, William Willard  19 Jul 1818Knox County, Tennessee I5062 Root Tree 
7 Grills, Mary C  1804Knox County, Tennessee I5751 Root Tree 
8 Grills, William Dudley  1801Knox County, Tennessee I5746 Root Tree 
9 Holloway, Mary  1795Knox County, Tennessee I5061 Root Tree 
10 Julian, Hulda  1817Knox County, Tennessee I5768 Root Tree 
11 Luttrell, Nancy  Jun 1815Knox County, Tennessee I5045 Root Tree 
12 Luttrell, Sarah C  03 Mar 1820Knox County, Tennessee I479 Root Tree 
13 McPherron, Adeline McClung  23 Feb 1811Knox County, Tennessee I5838 Root Tree 
14 McPherron, Alfred Bradford  22 Apr 1820Knox County, Tennessee I5841 Root Tree 
15 McPherron, James Harvey  23 Jun 1813Knox County, Tennessee I5839 Root Tree 
16 McPherron, John Wesley  4 Oct 1817Knox County, Tennessee I5840 Root Tree 
17 McPherron, Martha Ellen  30 Jul 1829Knox County, Tennessee I5844 Root Tree 
18 McPherron, Mary Isabel  18 Jan 1824Knox County, Tennessee I5842 Root Tree 
19 McPherron, Nancy Jane  18 Sep 1826Knox County, Tennessee I5843 Root Tree 
20 McPherron, Rachel Minerva  15 May 1832Knox County, Tennessee I5845 Root Tree 
21 Troutt, Isaac  1811Knox County, Tennessee I5051 Root Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alley, Isom P  20 Oct 1881Knox County, Tennessee I5817 Root Tree 
2 Cox, Mary  13 Mar 1821Knox County, Tennessee I483 Root Tree 
3 Graves, Boston  01 Apr 1840Knox County, Tennessee I486 Root Tree 
4 Graves, Daniel  7 Oct 1838Knox County, Tennessee I5791 Root Tree 
5 Graves, Peter  28 Nov 1794Knox County, Tennessee I5070 Root Tree 
6 Grills, Elliott  After 1844Knox County, Tennessee I482 Root Tree 
7 Grills, John Senior  B Jan 1803Knox County, Tennessee I484 Root Tree 
8 Luttrell, Nancy  28 Jan 1901Knox County, Tennessee I5045 Root Tree 
9 Luttrell, Robert H  1850Knox County, Tennessee I5475 Root Tree 
10 Ogle, Robert Montgomery  10 Feb 1967Knox County, Tennessee I3302 Root Tree 
11 Smith, Martha  Dec 1825Knox County, Tennessee I5816 Root Tree 
12 Troutt, Isaac  18 Dec 1896Knox County, Tennessee I5051 Root Tree 
13 Witt, Elizabeth  Nov 1848Knox County, Tennessee I497 Root Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    MILITARY    Person ID   Tree 
1 Graves, Boston  23 Aug 1832Knox County, Tennessee I486 Root Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    SSN    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ogle, Robert Montgomery  10 Feb 1967Knox County, Tennessee I3302 Root Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Alley / Grills  14 Mar 1826Knox County, Tennessee F2056 Root Tree 
2 Graves / Graves  3 Oct 1837Knox County, Tennessee F1753 Root Tree 
3 Graves / Grills  1 Sep 1814Knox County, Tennessee F177 Root Tree 
4 Graves / Holloway  12 Sep 1817Knox County, Tennessee F1752 Root Tree 
5 Graves / Luttrell  24 Jan 1839Knox County, Tennessee F176 Root Tree 
6 Graves / Milton  30 Apr 1806Knox County, Tennessee F2046 Root Tree 
7 Graves / Rutherford  17 Mar 1809Knox County, Tennessee F2045 Root Tree 
8 Graves / Trout  22 Dec 1801Knox County, Tennessee F2047 Root Tree 
9 Grills / Gentry  3 Oct 1833Knox County, Tennessee F2041 Root Tree 
10 Grills / Julian  2 Apr 1835Knox County, Tennessee F2038 Root Tree 
11 Grills / Smith  29 May 1825Knox County, Tennessee F2039 Root Tree 
12 Troutt / Luttrell  27 Sep 1833Knox County, Tennessee F1748 Root Tree 
13 Weir / Grills  9 Jun 1812Knox County, Tennessee F2027 Root Tree