South Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Mildred D  @1805South Carolina I460 Root Tree 
2 Nancy  1789South Carolina I5558 Root Tree 
3 Belcher, William W  South Carolina I4803 Root Tree 
4 Brooks, Luke  South Carolina I3290 Root Tree 
5 Brown, Eula Rosa  Jan 1879South Carolina I4342 Root Tree 
6 Brown, Henry Earl  Feb 1890South Carolina I4344 Root Tree 
7 Brown, Marion Eugene  25 Feb 1888South Carolina I4343 Root Tree 
8 Brown, Sallie Jane  Jan 1881South Carolina I4341 Root Tree 
9 Butler, George Thomas  @1818South Carolina I3547 Root Tree 
10 Campbell, Joseph Austin  15 May 1854South Carolina I3615 Root Tree 
11 Caughman, Andrew  South Carolina I3536 Root Tree 
12 Caughman, John Godfrey  17 Sep 1840South Carolina I3538 Root Tree 
13 Crumbliss, Alice  1781South Carolina I2055 Root Tree 
14 Davis, Ransom J  3 Dec 1848South Carolina I4329 Root Tree 
15 Dent, Mary Ann  04 Apr 1824South Carolina I58 Root Tree 
16 Dent, Mary Caroline  1816South Carolina I169 Root Tree 
17 Dent, Thomas  @ 1802South Carolina I99 Root Tree 
18 Gartman, Hepsobah  @1800South Carolina I170 Root Tree 
19 Golson, Captain Jacob H  1815South Carolina I3435 Root Tree 
20 Gwin, Jessie Jefferson  29 Aug 1850South Carolina I3823 Root Tree 
21 Harman, Elizabeth  South Carolina I3537 Root Tree 
22 Hartley, Chappell  South Carolina I182 Root Tree 
23 Hartley, Louisa Catherine  1 Feb1837South Carolina I3526 Root Tree 
24 Hembree, Joel T  @1797South Carolina I4866 Root Tree 
25 Henderson, Elizabeth Adeline  @1807South Carolina I1253 Root Tree 
26 Hoy, James  @1794South Carolina I1461 Root Tree 
27 Kaminer, Martha Caroline  1 Jan 1834South Carolina I3544 Root Tree 
28 Martin, Mary  South Carolina I4804 Root Tree 
29 Mathews, William  28 Jan 1808South Carolina I1242 Root Tree 
30 McDowell, Elizabeth  @1795South Carolina I3618 Root Tree 
31 McWilliams, Jane  1804South Carolina I5434 Root Tree 
32 Shelby, Isaac  @1765South Carolina I239 Root Tree 
33 Shelby, Sarah  Before 1810South Carolina I246 Root Tree 
34 Weatherly, Henrietta J  @1877South Carolina I3516 Root Tree 
35 White, Alice K  @1862South Carolina I3504 Root Tree 
36 White, Belton Richelieu  6 Sep 1883South Carolina I2690 Root Tree 
37 White, Cornelia L T  @1904South Carolina I3522 Root Tree 
38 White, Flora M  @1907South Carolina I3524 Root Tree 
39 White, James B  @1879South Carolina I3510 Root Tree 
40 White, James Darby  4 Apr 1874South Carolina I3507 Root Tree 
41 White, James G  @1909South Carolina I3525 Root Tree 
42 White, John B Senior  10 Oct 1867South Carolina I4350 Root Tree 
43 White, Marie Josephine  19 Nov 1881South Carolina I3515 Root Tree 
44 White, Martha Jane  @1873South Carolina I2691 Root Tree 
45 White, Mary A  @1905South Carolina I3523 Root Tree 
46 White, Mary L  @1851South Carolina I3513 Root Tree 
47 White, Mary L  22 Feb 1878South Carolina I3509 Root Tree 
48 White, William Barton  2 Jun 1853South Carolina I3503 Root Tree 
49 Zeigler, Catherine  10 May 1797South Carolina I53 Root Tree 
50 Zeigler, Edward Jefferson Esquire  @1822South Carolina I1849 Root Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1   Before 1820South Carolina I52 Root Tree 
2 Dent, Nancy  09 Jul 1867South Carolina I179 Root Tree 
3 Dent, Thomas  25 Dec 1825South Carolina I99 Root Tree 
4 White, Captain James Grier  10 Aug 1902South Carolina I2665 Root Tree 
5 White, Margaret Camille  7 Aug 1915South Carolina I3500 Root Tree 
6 White, William Barton  10 Nov 1898South Carolina I3503 Root Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Dent / Zeigler  @1814South Carolina F20 Root Tree 
2 Shelby /   @1800South Carolina F75 Root Tree