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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Frances Elizabeth  Apr 1873Georgia I2451 Root Tree 
2 Jane  @1854Georgia I2170 Root Tree 
3 Laura  @1873Georgia I4267 Root Tree 
4 Lula  @1882Georgia I3138 Root Tree 
5 Ruby Lee  @1911Georgia I4282 Root Tree 
6 Sarah J  @1856Georgia I1283 Root Tree 
7 Anderson, Margaret  27 Jan 1848Georgia I1829 Root Tree 
8 Bazemore, Sarah Virginia  1846Georgia I1922 Root Tree 
9 Brewer, Edward  18 Nov 1850Georgia I508 Root Tree 
10 Brooks, Frank R  @1888Georgia I1390 Root Tree 
11 Brooks, Thomas Weldon  3 Mar 1943Georgia I4241 Root Tree 
12 Brooks, Weldon Price  4 Dec 1866Georgia I4238 Root Tree 
13 Brown, Calvin  Georgia I3857 Root Tree 
14 Choate, George W  May 1882Georgia I3197 Root Tree 
15 Christian, Isaac  1806-1809Georgia I1236 Root Tree 
16 Christian, Marie Antoinette  @1829Georgia I1234 Root Tree 
17 Christian, Melissa T  @1806Georgia I1213 Root Tree 
18 Christian, Susan Lucretia  16 Jan 1816Georgia I1224 Root Tree 
19 Christian, Yancy Presley Junior  @1815Georgia I1223 Root Tree 
20 Clarkson, Minnie Lee  30 Dec 1879Georgia I1435 Root Tree 
21 Clendenen, Frances Alberta  @1854Georgia I328 Root Tree 
22 Clendenen, Harriet N  25 Jan 1842Georgia I323 Root Tree 
23 Clendenen, John A  @1851Georgia I2150 Root Tree 
24 Clendenen, Paul Montgomery  1 Jan 1852Georgia I327 Root Tree 
25 Clendenen, Virginia N  1849Georgia I326 Root Tree 
26 Clouse, Bonnie Pearl  Aug 1891Georgia I3142 Root Tree 
27 Cook, Elizabeth Deborah Barnes?  Nov 1840Georgia I4603 Root Tree 
28 Cranford, Julia V  1897Georgia I1421 Root Tree 
29 Crosby, Elizabeth  @1834Georgia I158 Root Tree 
30 Culverhouse, Emma Corine  11 Sep 1917Georgia I4297 Root Tree 
31 Culverhouse, Robert C  30 Jul 1923Georgia I4301 Root Tree 
32 Culverhouse, Sara Elizabeth  10 Oct 1916Georgia I4296 Root Tree 
33 Dennis, Alice Mae  17 Feb 1890Georgia I1891 Root Tree 
34 Dent, Allene L  15 Feb 1905Georgia I1869 Root Tree 
35 Dent, Anna Belle  1896Georgia I2688 Root Tree 
36 Dent, Charles Erastus  Sep 1873Georgia I4221 Root Tree 
37 Dent, Cleo  14 Jan 1903Georgia I1868 Root Tree 
38 Dent, Edgar Erle  4 Apr 1899Georgia I2689 Root Tree 
39 Dent, Florence Ada  1 Mar 1863Georgia I1923 Root Tree 
40 Dent, Gardner Lemuel  1868Georgia I1860 Root Tree 
41 Dent, Jennie Sarah  Nov 1874Georgia I1863 Root Tree 
42 Dent, John Thomas Senior  18 Mar 1884Georgia I2684 Root Tree 
43 Dent, L  @1906Georgia I4270 Root Tree 
44 Dent, M  @1905Georgia I4269 Root Tree 
45 Dent, Maggie  @1917Georgia I4275 Root Tree 
46 Dent, Marion Dewese  20 Dec 1908Georgia I1870 Root Tree 
47 Dent, Marion Eloise  22 Nov 1925Georgia I4398 Root Tree 
48 Dent, Mary Pauline  1870Georgia I1861 Root Tree 
49 Dent, Otha Zeiglar  15 Jan 1882Georgia I4225 Root Tree 
50 Dent, Ray  @1915Georgia I4274 Root Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Clendenen, Helena May  Before 1858Georgia I324 Root Tree 
2 Dent, Anna Belle  Sep 1934Georgia I2688 Root Tree 
3 Fountain, Marvin  31 Mar 1916Georgia I4289 Root Tree 
4 Griffith, Sarah  1851Georgia I12 Root Tree 
5 Hicks, Emma Jane  9 Dec 1929Georgia I1462 Root Tree 
6 Wardlaw, John Rowland Senior  02 Jun 1883Georgia I329 Root Tree 
7 Worsham, Pamelia Almira  3 Jun 1934Georgia I1477 Root Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    JUDGEMENT    Person ID   Tree 
1 Kalinin, Alexander Boris   I4245 Root Tree