Jasper, Marion County, Tennessee



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Choate, William Riley  12 Mar 1828Jasper, Marion County, Tennessee I3093 Root Tree 
2 Hammond, Catherine Madeline  14 Feb 1908Jasper, Marion County, Tennessee I652 Root Tree 
3 Layne, Green Andrew  16 Aug 1895Jasper, Marion County, Tennessee I4649 Root Tree 
4 Long, Mary  9 Jul 1904Jasper, Marion County, Tennessee I3133 Root Tree 
5 Quarles, Amanda Catherine  04 May 1867Jasper, Marion County, Tennessee I527 Root Tree 
6 Quarles, Elizabeth Amanda  20 Dec 1868Jasper, Marion County, Tennessee I3091 Root Tree 
7 Quarles, Hodge Penson  30 Sep 1858Jasper, Marion County, Tennessee I2549 Root Tree 
8 Quarles, James Hubbard  Mar 1866Jasper, Marion County, Tennessee I3090 Root Tree 
9 Quarles, Louisa  1863Jasper, Marion County, Tennessee I3089 Root Tree 
10 Quarles, Maggie Louise  4 Jul 1881Jasper, Marion County, Tennessee I3182 Root Tree 
11 Quarles, Tempa Minerva  3 Sep 1869Jasper, Marion County, Tennessee I1806 Root Tree 
12 Quarles, William Allen  3 Mar 1892Jasper, Marion County, Tennessee I4625 Root Tree 
13 Quarles, William Ann  1 Feb 1862Jasper, Marion County, Tennessee I3088 Root Tree 
14 Quarles, William Preston  10 May 1872Jasper, Marion County, Tennessee I3058 Root Tree 
15 Richardson, General Sherman  28 Jun 1892Jasper, Marion County, Tennessee I4616 Root Tree 
16 Starling, Mary Ann  8 Oct 1835Jasper, Marion County, Tennessee I3079 Root Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hancock, Henry  21 Apr 1926Jasper, Marion County, Tennessee I4644 Root Tree 
2 Hancock, Henry Harrison  7 Feb 1948Jasper, Marion County, Tennessee I4643 Root Tree 
3 Layne, Green Andrew  28 Dec 1958Jasper, Marion County, Tennessee I4649 Root Tree 
4 Layne, Wilma Rosie  17 Oct 1939Jasper, Marion County, Tennessee I4652 Root Tree 
5 Morrison, Mariah Jane  20 Jul 1901Jasper, Marion County, Tennessee I529 Root Tree 
6 Quarles, Charles Allen  1 Oct 1941Jasper, Marion County, Tennessee I3057 Root Tree 
7 Quarles, George Hiram  15 Feb 1922Jasper, Marion County, Tennessee I1804 Root Tree 
8 Quarles, Hubbard Junior  16 Aug 1884Jasper, Marion County, Tennessee I534 Root Tree 
9 Quarles, Kelly White  22 Nov 1918Jasper, Marion County, Tennessee I3063 Root Tree 
10 Quarles, Mary Elizabeth  10 Aug 1956Jasper, Marion County, Tennessee I3067 Root Tree 
11 Starling, Mary Ann  1 Aug 1885Jasper, Marion County, Tennessee I3079 Root Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Lay, Elizabeth  12 Feb 1910Jasper, Marion County, Tennessee I1602 Root Tree 
2 Quarles, Littleberry Andrew  9 Dec 1917Jasper, Marion County, Tennessee I2547 Root Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Wiseman / Quarles  01 Nov 1908Jasper, Marion County, Tennessee F848 Root Tree