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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Amanda  @1857Kentucky I5264 Root Tree 
2 J Beverly  @1906Kentucky I1651 Root Tree 
3 Katherine F  1 Jun 1837Kentucky I5569 Root Tree 
4 Martha  Jan 1874Kentucky I5326 Root Tree 
5 Mary C  @1844Kentucky I5261 Root Tree 
6 Sally  @1845Kentucky I5258 Root Tree 
7 Sarah  @1804Kentucky I876 Root Tree 
8 Alexander, Doctor Lawrence C  @1827Kentucky I2295 Root Tree 
9 Anderson  1880Kentucky I5260 Root Tree 
10 Anderson, Amanda Malvina  1817Kentucky I5 Root Tree 
11 Anderson, Bessey  @1876Kentucky I5259 Root Tree 
12 Anderson, Charles Goldsby  29 Jun 1823Kentucky I851 Root Tree 
13 Anderson, George Ann  @1847Kentucky I5025 Root Tree 
14 Anderson, Georgeanne  @1878Kentucky I5262 Root Tree 
15 Anderson, James M  28 Mar 1856Kentucky I5035 Root Tree 
16 Anderson, James O  @1840Kentucky I5022 Root Tree 
17 Anderson, John R  @1877Kentucky I5265 Root Tree 
18 Anderson, Kimberlin  @1843Kentucky I5023 Root Tree 
19 Anderson, Lizzie Lee  @1879Kentucky I5266 Root Tree 
20 Anderson, Maggae  1880Kentucky I5263 Root Tree 
21 Anderson, Marcus D L  @1845Kentucky I5024 Root Tree 
22 Anderson, Rosa Ann  @1872Kentucky I5257 Root Tree 
23 Anderson, Stephen R  @1849Kentucky I5026 Root Tree 
24 Anderson, Theodore Elvin  13 Dec 1812Kentucky I4332 Root Tree 
25 Anderson, William Hamilton  19 Apr1851Kentucky I5027 Root Tree 
26 Anderson, William L  28 Mar 1858Kentucky I5036 Root Tree 
27 Applewhite, Mary  Kentucky I5643 Root Tree 
28 Baker, Belle  20 Apr 1853Kentucky I132 Root Tree 
29 Baker, Jno  Kentucky I133 Root Tree 
30 Bottom, Maurice  07 Dec 1901Kentucky I885 Root Tree 
31 Bottom, Urah I  Oct 1896Kentucky I895 Root Tree 
32 Bottoms, Lucy P  @1852Kentucky I5038 Root Tree 
33 Bottoms, Mary  @1857Kentucky I5039 Root Tree 
34 Bottoms, Rufus J  @1869Kentucky I5040 Root Tree 
35 Brady, Milton Anderson  13 Jan 1810Kentucky I5554 Root Tree 
36 Brainard, Carroll Owen  1 Aug 1925Kentucky I3342 Root Tree 
37 Carr, Elizabeth Jane  Kentucky I3224 Root Tree 
38 Center, George W  Dec 1883Kentucky I4006 Root Tree 
39 Center, Jane O  Jan 1896Kentucky I4007 Root Tree 
40 Clark, James C  @1917Kentucky I893 Root Tree 
41 Clark, James R  @1847Kentucky I894 Root Tree 
42 Clark, John R  @1880Kentucky I891 Root Tree 
43 Clark, Robert L  @1914Kentucky I892 Root Tree 
44 Cooper, Mary Margaret  Kentucky I5911 Root Tree 
45 Denny, Alexander  7 Feb 1785Kentucky I5660 Root Tree 
46 Denny, Anna  2 May 1786Kentucky I5661 Root Tree 
47 Denny, John  8 Nov 1780Kentucky I5659 Root Tree 
48 Gillum, Benjamin Tolbert  @1827Kentucky I678 Root Tree 
49 Gordon, Andrew  15 Dec 1802Kentucky I2094 Root Tree 
50 Gordon, Elizabeth  18 Sep 1794Kentucky I2092 Root Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bottom, James Henry  16 Oct 1905Kentucky I881 Root Tree 
2 Gorham, Henry Sanford  Kentucky I5910 Root Tree 
3 Yankee, Zuna Lee  02 Mar 1937Kentucky I879 Root Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    MILITARY    Person ID   Tree 
1 Lanham, Captain Perry Green Senior  Jul 1862Kentucky I2 Root Tree 
2 Lanham, William L  08 Oct 1861Kentucky I121 Root Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Brady / Bailey  Kentucky F1952 Root Tree 
2 Yankey / Anderson  1 Oct 1878Kentucky F1837 Root Tree