Pike County, Illinois



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brown, Aurey  Mar 1834Pike County, Illinois I655 Root Tree 
2 Brown, Drucilla  18 Sep 1838Pike County, Illinois I659 Root Tree 
3 Brown, Hannah Frances  1842Pike County, Illinois I153 Root Tree 
4 Brown, Louisa Jane  08 Sep 1846Pike County, Illinois I660 Root Tree 
5 Brown, Martha Ellen  May 1847Pike County, Illinois I661 Root Tree 
6 Brown, Mary  Jun 1850Pike County, Illinois I662 Root Tree 
7 Huntley, Estella Jane  1846Pike County, Illinois I1114 Root Tree 
8 Ramsey, Robert  15 Oct 1914Pike County, Illinois I2902 Root Tree 
9 Richardson, Catherine  27 Aug 1835Pike County, Illinois I4079 Root Tree 
10 Richardson, John J Hardin  15 Jan 1849Pike County, Illinois I1781 Root Tree 
11 Richardson, Lucas  1824Pike County, Illinois I1790 Root Tree 
12 Richardson, Mary Jane  02 Feb 1822Pike County, Illinois I2592 Root Tree 
13 Richardson, Mary V  1859Pike County, Illinois I1800 Root Tree 
14 Roberts, Jalie Ann  3 Jun 1858Pike County, Illinois I2951 Root Tree 
15 Robinson, Caroline  13 May 1889Pike County, Illinois I2967 Root Tree 
16 Waggoner, Charles Sheldon  28 Dec 1860Pike County, Illinois I2606 Root Tree 
17 Waggoner, James Riley  22 Sep 1836Pike County, Illinois I273 Root Tree 
18 Waggoner, John Green  06 Oct 1850Pike County, Illinois I2812 Root Tree 
19 Waggoner, Margaret Vetura  05 Mar 1860Pike County, Illinois I1605 Root Tree 
20 Waggoner, Martha Jane  12 Feb 1867Pike County, Illinois I2899 Root Tree 
21 Waggoner, Mary Sobrina  14 Nov 1863Pike County, Illinois I1607 Root Tree 
22 Waggoner, Samuel Jasper  1843Pike County, Illinois I1776 Root Tree 
23 Waggoner, Sarah Louise  08 Jan 1857Pike County, Illinois I1606 Root Tree 
24 Wagoner, Robert Wesley Senior  02 May 1858Pike County, Illinois I142 Root Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hutcheson, Lucinda  Sep 1845Pike County, Illinois I2579 Root Tree 
2 Richardson, Lucas  16 Feb 1881Pike County, Illinois I1790 Root Tree 
3 Richardson, Mary Jane  1843Pike County, Illinois I2592 Root Tree 
4 Snedigar, Jeptha  25 Mar 1843Pike County, Illinois I2593 Root Tree 
5 Waggoner, Faye Maxine  18 May 2002Pike County, Illinois I2885 Root Tree 
6 Waggoner, Jesse Minter Senior  27 Jan 1861Pike County, Illinois I2578 Root Tree 
7 Waggoner, Samuel Senior  16 Apr 1858Pike County, Illinois I277 Root Tree 
8 Waggoner, Samuel Jasper  1885Pike County, Illinois I1776 Root Tree 
9 Waggoner, Sarah Ann  09 Apr 1901Pike County, Illinois I1789 Root Tree 
10 Willis, Mary Ann  1865Pike County, Illinois I680 Root Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    WILL    Person ID   Tree 
1 Waggoner, Samuel Senior  3 Apr 1858Pike County, Illinois I277 Root Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Aiton / Goodin  7 Dec 1856Pike County, Illinois F1392 Root Tree 
2 Aiton / Shinn  12 Apr 1849Pike County, Illinois F1390 Root Tree 
3 Brown / Willis  22 May 1851Pike County, Illinois F263 Root Tree 
4 Foster / McMullan  21 Apr 1831Pike County, Illinois F1037 Root Tree 
5 Goodin / Waggoner  15 Aug 1875Pike County, Illinois F1036 Root Tree 
6 Huntley / Brown  18 Nov 1847Pike County, Illinois F257 Root Tree 
7 Reynolds / Waggoner  01 Nov 1857Pike County, Illinois F904 Root Tree 
8 Richardson / Lansdon  28 Oct 1880Pike County, Illinois F616 Root Tree 
9 Richardson / Waggoner  14 Jan 1845Pike County, Illinois F609 Root Tree 
10 Roberts / Butler  20 Nov 1845Pike County, Illinois F1394 Root Tree 
11 Turnbaugh / Waggoner  27 Jan 1848Pike County, Illinois F988 Root Tree 
12 Waggoner / Aiton  19 Apr 1873Pike County, Illinois F998 Root Tree 
13 Waggoner / Billiings  02 Apr 1846Pike County, Illinois F911 Root Tree 
14 Waggoner / Bradburn  23 Oct 1890Pike County, Illinois F999 Root Tree 
15 Waggoner / Brumagin?  27 Jul 1866Pike County, Illinois F902 Root Tree 
16 Waggoner / Camp  24 Oct 1867Pike County, Illinois F1007 Root Tree 
17 Waggoner / Capps  21 Oct 1878Pike County, Illinois F997 Root Tree 
18 Waggoner / Collins  08 Nov 1855Pike County, Illinois F92 Root Tree 
19 Waggoner / Doak  23 Oct 1845Pike County, Illinois F913 Root Tree 
20 Waggoner / Foster  20 Apr 1852Pike County, Illinois F994 Root Tree 
21 Waggoner / Foster  23 Feb 1854Pike County, Illinois F914 Root Tree 
22 Waggoner / Foster  16 Mar 1856Pike County, Illinois F996 Root Tree 
23 Waggoner / Richardson  24 Dec 1846Pike County, Illinois F901 Root Tree 
24 Zumwalt / Waggoner  04 Feb 1852Pike County, Illinois F995 Root Tree