Roane County, Tennessee



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Boyd, Manerva  16 Oct 1860Roane County, Tennessee I3747 Root Tree 
2 Delaney, Ava Lea  9 May 1892Roane County, Tennessee I4691 Root Tree 
3 Graves, Salatha Valentine  1847Roane County, Tennessee I3671 Root Tree 
4 Hembree, Amanda Melvina  1832Roane County, Tennessee I3682 Root Tree 
5 Henley, Elizabeth  1860Roane County, Tennessee I4879 Root Tree 
6 Henley, Lavinia Walker  5 May 1869Roane County, Tennessee I4875 Root Tree 
7 Liggett, Caroline M  25 Apr 1823Roane County, Tennessee I3967 Root Tree 
8 Maberry, Sarah Elizabeth  01 Jun 1845Roane County, Tennessee I918 Root Tree 
9 Roberts, Mary Savannah  2 Oct 1959Roane County, Tennessee I4883 Root Tree 
10 Senter, Alice Jackson  22 Jun 1826Roane County, Tennessee I3670 Root Tree 
11 Stanfield, Elizabeth M  9 Aug 1862Roane County, Tennessee I921 Root Tree 
12 Stanfield, George Martin  @1832Roane County, Tennessee I920 Root Tree 
13 Suddath, James Lee  7 Jul 1871Roane County, Tennessee I2980 Root Tree 
14 Suddath, John Franklin  17 Apr 1873Roane County, Tennessee I2981 Root Tree 
15 Suddath, John Lewis Junior  13 Mar 1846Roane County, Tennessee I917 Root Tree 
16 Suddath, Martha Washington  31 Jul 1875Roane County, Tennessee I2979 Root Tree 
17 Suddath, Robert Alexander  16 Dec 1878Roane County, Tennessee I3750 Root Tree 
18 Suddath, Sarah Elizabeth  15 Jul 1870Roane County, Tennessee I919 Root Tree 
19 Suddath, Stephen Willis  28 May 1877Roane County, Tennessee I2977 Root Tree 
20 Turpin, Cora B  29 Jul 1886Roane County, Tennessee I3752 Root Tree 
21 Woody, Mary Angie  16 Jan 1878Roane County, Tennessee I3772 Root Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Susannah  1818Roane County, Tennessee I451 Root Tree 
2 Center, Elizabeth Milton  27 Nov 1871Roane County, Tennessee I3956 Root Tree 
3 Center, Evaline  Apr 1900Roane County, Tennessee I193 Root Tree 
4 Center, Francis Kenner  1838Roane County, Tennessee I3953 Root Tree 
5 Center, Milton  1848Roane County, Tennessee I448 Root Tree 
6 Hembree, Amanda Melvina  5 May 1878Roane County, Tennessee I3682 Root Tree 
7 Kenner, Margaret  19 Aug 1823Roane County, Tennessee I5888 Root Tree 
8 Kenner, Nancy  @1820 or 1848Roane County, Tennessee I449 Root Tree 
9 Liggett, Henry Wolmry  29 Aug 1861Roane County, Tennessee I3963 Root Tree 
10 Suddath, Benjamin Junior  Before 28 Apr 1835Roane County, Tennessee I194 Root Tree 
11 Suddath, Dock  Feb 1967Roane County, Tennessee I3751 Root Tree 
12 Suddath, John Lewis Senior  01 Mar 1847Roane County, Tennessee I192 Root Tree 
13 Suddath, Martha Washington  19 Jun 1952Roane County, Tennessee I2979 Root Tree 
14 Suddath, Stephen Willis  21 Jul 1950Roane County, Tennessee I2977 Root Tree 
15 Turpin, Cora B  Mar 1974Roane County, Tennessee I3752 Root Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    JURY    Person ID   Tree 
1 Center, Milton  22 Jun 1802Roane County, Tennessee I448 Root Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    MISC    Person ID   Tree 
1 Suddath, Simpson  27 Feb 1837Roane County, Tennessee I3686 Root Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    PROBATE    Person ID   Tree 
1 Suddath, Benjamin Junior  28 May 1835Roane County, Tennessee I194 Root Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    TAX LIST    Person ID   Tree 
1 Center, Milton  1805Roane County, Tennessee I448 Root Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    WILL    Person ID   Tree 
1 Center, Milton  16 Jan 1845Roane County, Tennessee I448 Root Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 / Haley  22 Nov 1865Roane County, Tennessee F1697 Root Tree 
2 Center / Gallaher  23 Dec 1823Roane County, Tennessee F1410 Root Tree 
3 Center / Gallaher  17 Sep 1827Roane County, Tennessee F1405 Root Tree 
4 Dickey / Suddath  16 Nov 1892Roane County, Tennessee F1041 Root Tree 
5 Evans / Liggett  5 Oct 1837Roane County, Tennessee F1417 Root Tree 
6 Gilliland / Center  31 Jul 1827Roane County, Tennessee F1399 Root Tree 
7 Graves / Senter  24 Jul 1845Roane County, Tennessee F1301 Root Tree 
8 Helfenberger / Delaney  3 Jul 1920Roane County, Tennessee F1636 Root Tree 
9 Henley / Suddath  18 Nov 1851Roane County, Tennessee F351 Root Tree 
10 Knight / Center  26 Jan 1837Roane County, Tennessee F1395 Root Tree 
11 McNair / Norman  22 May 1845Roane County, Tennessee F1698 Root Tree 
12 Rice / Suddath  01 Sep 1857Roane County, Tennessee F350 Root Tree 
13 Stanfield / Suddath  30 Nov 1858Roane County, Tennessee F347 Root Tree 
14 Suddath / Bean  7 Oct 1839Roane County, Tennessee F1700 Root Tree 
15 Suddath / Boyd  26 Dec 1877Roane County, Tennessee F1321 Root Tree 
16 Suddath / Center  14 Apr 1829Roane County, Tennessee F68 Root Tree 
17 Suddath / Delaney  21 Apr 1909Roane County, Tennessee F1634 Root Tree 
18 Suddath / Graves  05 Nov 1857Roane County, Tennessee F36 Root Tree 
19 Suddath / Hassler  20 Feb 1868Roane County, Tennessee F352 Root Tree 
20 Suddath / Hembree  5 Dec 1850Roane County, Tennessee F1305 Root Tree 
21 Suddath / Maberry  03 Sep 1868Roane County, Tennessee F346 Root Tree 
22 Suddath / Miracle  29 Dec 1910Roane County, Tennessee F1322 Root Tree 
23 Suddath / Norman  28 Dec 1827Roane County, Tennessee F1313 Root Tree 
24 Suddath / Norman  17 Dec 1832Roane County, Tennessee F1306 Root Tree 
25 Suddath / Turpin  20 Dec 1907Roane County, Tennessee F1323 Root Tree 
26 Suddath / Wilson  27 May 1906Roane County, Tennessee F1326 Root Tree